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Not podcasts but short videos about our travels. Be an armchair traveller and follow us wherever we go - and improve your English at the same time!

The Middle East

The pie team lived in Jordan for two years, these videos are from the region. Click 'playlist' to choose a video.

1 East meets west Mosques, monument and markets - the pie team enjoyed Istanbul
Transcript (pdf 50KB)

2 The rose red city Visit Jordan's most popular site
Transcript (pdf 54kb)

3 Homeland of 3 faiths Join Jackie in the walled city of Jerusalem
Transcript (pdf 53kb)

4 An oasis in the desert Visit the ancient city of Palmyra in the Syrian sands
Transcript (pdf 52kb)
This video goes well with podcast 3.35 Desert drive.


The pie team have lived and travelled in the area. Click 'playlist' to choose a video.

1 Fireshow! Travel to Koh Chang for some beach entertainment.
Transcript (pdf 41KB)

2 Oh! Calcutta! Discover with Richard the range of things for sale on a Kolkata street.
Transcript (pdf 46KB)


Travels closer to home. Click 'playlist' to choose a video.

1 Cyprus Sights and sounds
Transcript (pdf 51KB)

2 Salamanca University city, Spain
Transcript (pdf 52KB)

3 St James' Way Pilgrims talk about their journeys along el camino de Santiago
Transcript (pdf 53KB)