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  1. Hi

    I’ve got some great ideas similar to your own from your pictures and descriptions and you have very similar views and expectations from the local human and animal population as we have.

    We also live in Central Portugal (Caramulo). I try to ensure as many local flowers as possible are allowed to grow in the areas that are not farmed and I have allowed a raddish to bolt which is now over 5 foot tall and full of flowers. I wonder what the honey from the bees supping up this necture will taste like – peppery perhaps?

    We are also blessed with year round wet areas which attracts thousands of fire flies year upon year so there can’t be too many people around this area spraying with unwanted chemicals, although there are some who keep trying although it grows back very quickly, as you say, which is a blessing knowing that man can’t destroy nature.

    Keep up the good work and try to keep on persuading those locals not to spray and destroy the beautiful meadows containing flowers that are needed by the bees and insects which is much needed for crops etc.

  2. Hi Mandy
    The olive grove behind our land which was sprayed has come back to life in parts, so that is good, but I still can’t understand why they did it in the first place. Land for vegetables, OK, but just an olive grove? At least we have had plenty of bees – mainly bumble bees on the flowers in our garden which are now coming out in profusion. Could do with a few more sunny days though – it’s June soon isn’t it??!

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