I spent two fantastic years in Bandung (1997/98). It was my first teaching job - at Executive English Programs. Below is a picture of my house. Food and transport seemed to be very important in those days so following are a few photos of both.

electioneering - Indonesian-style

noodle seller on the beach and lumpia basah - Indonesian pancakes

Bandung wedding and one of my housemates

Ram fighting is popular around Bandung. Looks nasty but I never saw any of them badly injured

There are plenty of places to explore near to Bandung. One of the most impressive is Papandyan volcano

Borobudor is one of the great man-made wonders of the world

Towards the end of my stay there was increasing unrest especially amongst the students including those at the Universities in Bandung - This eventually led to Suharto's downfall. As it happened I left in the same week but the two events are unrelated.