This is where we spent many happy times between August 2003 and July 2005 - me (Richard), my partner (Jackie) and our three cats Crispy, Frisky and Mr. Fluffy. It's a great little village/small town/suburb 15 kms from Tunis on the coast. We had a small villa right next to a pretty beach in an area called La Marsa Corniche. Anyway, here are some pictures of us at home.

Click here for some (mainly cat) photos from our last year (2005)

Our house! (follow the arrow)

La Marsa

This is the living room now...

inside Villa Nenette

...and this is the living room when we first moved in. Crispy as usual, wanting to get in the picture.

inside Villa Nenette

view from the outside - can you spot the ghost?

outside Villa Nenette

Jackie where she belongs (after all she is a great cook)

inside Villa Nenette

Jackie where she thinks she belongs

La Marsa corniche beach La Marsa corniche beach La Marsa corniche beach - november La Marsa corniche beach - july

Crispy says 'No swimming today' in January (left). It's a different story in July (right)

La Marsa corniche beach Richard Frisky Crispy

Crispy's the black and white one, Frisky the grey and white one and Richard the other one -

The Good the Bad and the Ugly

Richard and Crispy Richard and Crispy Crispy and Frisky crispy