2 thoughts on “marmalade2

  1. Hi Jackie,

    I love the idea of making something of the orange pulp. I’ve never heard of orange leather but am keen to try it this year as I usually throw the pulp away after making orange juice. Would you share your method?

  2. Hi Jeanette

    It was rather experimental! As I usually make leather from left over pulp of plums which have been cooked I thought I should cook this too. So basically I put the pulp in a saucepan and kept adding water so that after about 30m of simmering it was a suitable consistency; not too runny but spreadable. I added some cinnamon and honey. It made quite a lot, I should have done two trays and a bit thinner so it would have taken less time (about 2 days on the lowest temp!). Anyway it tastes nice and has been great for a walk snack, will definitely do it again. Good luck!

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