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So much for summer – this week has seen plenty of rain, which is fantastic for all the plants and the well is well on the way to filling up. We’ve also had more friends staying. This time a fully fledged family. My old school friend Simon, his wife Paula and two sons Lucas and Sam. It was great to see them and there was a break in the clouds long enough to go for a very pleasant walk.

Meanwhile, the barn has been finished. Or at least sports a new roof and plastered walls. Just needs a lick of paint now.

barn when we first saw the house

And despite the hectic lifestyle there’s still time to relax…



The next big project is renovating the barn. We either had to renovate it or the thing was likely to collapse as there were holes in the roof and the joists were rotten. Basically we just want to replace the roof, plaster the walls and level the floor. We started work by ripping off the roof but then we promptly had to stop.

A year and a half ago the local council told us they were thinking of widening the lane outside and then we heard no more. Anyway, if it goes ahead we may have to slice a corner off the barn so work has had to stop until we sort out the bureaucracy. A pain but I have to admit we have been remarkably free of bureaucratic problems so far, so fingers crossed that we can soon resume.

Another project is to get more chickens – this time growing them to eat. I’m putting off making a new henhouse as it promises to challenge my rudimentary woodworking skills to the max. However, I have prepared an area for them and fenced it off in readiness. The laying hens have tried it out for size and seem satisfied.

staking out the new chicken patch


Now spring is here the garden is green and lush. We’d better enjoy it because in a few short months no doubt it will turn into a dustbowl.

Someone still looks as cute as ever and never far away from a ball ready to be thrown.