Boas Festas!

Boas Festas!

The rain stopped just before Christmas, hurrah. We were tempted to have lunch outside on the day but decided it was just a tad too chilly, but very nice to enjoy a little pre-prandial glass of homemade something sitting in the sun.

We had a nice day despite my back suddenly giving me jip, a tooth falling out, the postie being even slower than usual so half the pressies weren’t delivered, and then choosing Ad Astra for our Christmas evening movie… but otherwise it was great! Richard had earmarked the biggest of the roasties he’d killed earlier in the year and there’s still plenty of chicken left. He’d also made a whole batch of orange juice so we could have Buck’s Fizz with our traditional Eggs Benedict (with smoked salmon not bacon) in the morning.

The lovely sunshine we’re having now has meant the strimming could no longer be put off, the grass really was incredibly tall, and now the garden and veg patch look presentable again. It has also meant the first of the frosts; we’ve been greeted by a blanket of white these past few mornings.

The hens have been given a special treat too and now have access to the meadow from the other side of their coop which is lush and green. Here is Skittle with Momo and Hattie:

He’s been a bit off colour recently; he’d lost his crow (very silly of him) and wasn’t perching at night. And, to some relief from the hens, had lost his mojo too but he’s back on form now. Here’s Lacey and Preta:

And this is Hazelnut and Branca:

Just poor old Rocky is still on her own but she can see through the fence to the others but is well protected from Skittle, the back of her neck never recovered completely (although it looks fine from this angle) from the accident back in May. She’s rather shocked by the daffodils, as Richard was when he discovered them while strimming:

A Portuguese friend we know, on hearing about our summer trip to Galicia, said: “The Spanish and Portuguese are neighbours, but they are not brothers”. It made me think of Jussi and Betty: our dogs live in the same house, but they are not sisters.

Despite their differences I am sure they would join us in wishing our readers the very best for 2020 and the adventures that lie ahead. See you then.

2 thoughts on “Boas Festas!

  1. well, in fact we are brothers wih the Galicians but not with Spain. Portugal began as part of Gallicia and we share same linguistic roots. But, this was in a time, as you most certainly know , when there were many different kingdons in Iberia. Portugal as an independent kingdom is in fact 3 centuries older than the unified Spain. Spain never accepted very well the existence of Portugal and they tempted by war against us over and over, as late as the 19th century. that’s why many portuguese still resent Spain today. We are a natural nation and state and thats very hard to undermine.

    well so sorry, this was suposused to be about your chicken, they look gorgeous!! 🙂 And the daffodils, yes this year they are very early.
    Hope you have a nice 2020, Boas Festas!!

  2. We were surprised how similar Galician was to Portuguese when we first went – made things a lot easier for us! Boas Festas to you too Jaime 🙂

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