Aah, autumn!

Aah, autumn!


I think I’m right in saying that we have updated this blog every single month since starting and this month, for the first time, we almost didn’t make it. Which would have been a shame as it’s been a wonderful month, a perfect autumn misty morning cum glorious sunshine cum parky evening kind of month. Great for walking, gardening, lunching outside and then enjoying a roaring fire. It’s been alive with colour, not the pretty, pretty colours of spring but vibrant green pastures, rich red and gold vineyards, bronze foliage and clear blue skies.


Jack Frost has visited us a few times adding a sharpness and crunch, red noses and iced waters; a taste of winter. So goodbye November and the season of mellow fruitfulness, and hello to the wrapped-up season.

One thought on “Aah, autumn!

  1. I think we’ve had just one frost – I am still waiting for it to get cold enough to dismantle my window boxes and plant up for winter with heathers and cyclamen and my spring bulbs which are still sitting in a box cos its too warm… However we are not blessed with gorgeous sunshine like you.

    It all looks and sounds idyllic – and Christmas is just round th corner – so look forward to the pix. xxx

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