Back to the veggies

Back to the veggies

Although we’ve been focussing lately on chickens and relatives, the veggies have kept on coming. Only now are things coming to an end – we’ve had our last cucumber, the final tomatoes are hanging on and turning red (or yellow) and the courgette production has eventually slowed down to a trickle. However, we have made the best use of our bounty and Jackie has been busy roasting and freezing, pickling and drying a lot of the veggies ready for winter. Even the very few raspberries that we have carefully nurtured have now been picked and frozen one by one and we shall have enough for one final end of summer treat.

It is interesting that the cycle of fruit and veg has come round again from when we first arrived just over a year ago. I remember then, the first fruits we sampled were the pears and this year they have come and gone in a period of weeks and in a flurry of delicious pear crumbles. Also the quinces. Unfortunately our quince tree has had a torrid time but there have been plenty by the sides of various lanes that we have been able to purloin and process into quince jelly and quince cheese. Now the walnuts are coming into season. Despite eating my own weight in walnut cakes over the year we still haven’t finished last year’s crop. Likewise the olives which will be ready in a few short weeks.

It never stops down on the farm…

last of the melons and pears, first of the walnuts
dried chillies
what to do with sunflower seeds?
the oranges are on their way

2 thoughts on “Back to the veggies

  1. You are making me sooo jealous with all that produce! Have been following your blog for a little while now and loving the updates (especially the chicken video!). Sounds like the move is a rural dream come true – good on you both! I can’t wait until we can do something similar (one day….).

    Delighted you have got chickens, as they are so much fun. We have 2 (now pet hens) and love them to bits. If you want them to be quite tame I would advise handling them as much as possible whilst young so they get used to you. Oh and when they are fully grown they will LOVE your sunflower seeds so do hang on to them!

    Best wishes

  2. It’s true – we really love our new life. One of the chicks already loves to be stroked but the others are not so sure but they are becoming more used to us every day. We’ve only had them a week but already they seem to be growing.

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