Close encounters

Close encounters

Just to share with you the amazingly weird long armed sci fi machine that turned up Thursday to put the concrete on our roof:

Well, I was impressed.

And what a lovely day 🙂

What you can’t really see is the guy with the blue helmet is carrying a box and that’s got the dials for operating the machine, controlling how much gumpf comes out and when. No carrying up buckets by rope, it was all done within an hour. Talking of helmets – none of the builders have any safety gear at all. It reminds me of when there was a fire in the hotel next to the BC in Hanoi and the firefighters turned up: helmets, goggles, matching dungarees… and flip flops.

But now it’s Rain Stopped Play unfortunately and the builders won’t be back until mid next week as they wait for the cement to dry (or is that concrete? I get confused between the two…)

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