Finally we have started work on the area of the garden right next to the house. It was always going to be a problem area as huge rocks break the surface here and it is full of builders’ rubble. Anyway, we decided to grass most of the area (with seed from Jersey provided by Jackie’s dad) and cobble the area in front of the kitchen door. Cobbles seemed like an obvious choice as they are everywhere hereabouts including the pavements of most towns and even the roads through a lot of the small villages. They are also cheap. We’d been watching them laying new cobbles in a local town so knew exactly what to do. Almost. Anyway, we gave it a shot and here are the results. I also made a small gravel path to the pergola as well.

We used the old lintels and posts from the house as a frame and filled it with sand
starting work on the path

Brushing in the cement grout

Done! Just need to let it settle and add the bench back
Now waiting for the grass to grow!

…oranges are coming along as well!

4 thoughts on “Cobblers

  1. your House is getting really nice! I´m Portuguese, from Lisbon… just passing by to see what´s new, it´s courious to have English people living in the interior of our Country. And it´s also good:) I have been reading your blog for some time now, I find it so interesting. Me myself I would love to live in the country side some time in the future. Keep going, and good luck with everything. Make sure you will plant some bulbs Daffodils, they will naturalise there and make it beautiful in the sping…or maybe tulips as well:)

  2. Jaime. Glad you like the site and house. There are plenty of foreigners living in the Portuguese countryside now – it’s such a beautiful country. But a lot of the locals especially young people have all left for the city. Thanks for the hint about the bulbs – we will definitely get some.

  3. Hi,

    I love this, you are so creative! We have this type of of cobbled streets (calçada?) in Lagos. BTW I am so envious of your orange tree. Living so close to the sea we can’t get them to grow 🙁

    Kind regards

  4. Yes. cobbles are everywhere here as well. We were going to cobble a lot more – but it’s hard work. Maybe next year!

    2 orange trees! They are both doing very well – unlike last year when 1 tree didn’t have a single orange. They are just about ready now.

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