Harbingers of Spring

Harbingers of Spring

In spite of the doom and gloom of the last post, January actually went out with a bit of sun. Enough for us to enjoy our first barbie of the year – ah the pleasures of a glass of chilled white wine and the aromas of fresh fish on the barbie… We also had a day at the beach which of course the dogs absolutely loved.







IMG_4318Jackie was actually boiling in her heavy coat which was soon removed as we tucked into a delicious seafood lunch with the sun on our faces.

IMG_4325It is a bit strange that there are signs of deepest winter all about – the recent storms have made sure the deciduous trees are now ompletely bare (including our little plane tree in the courtyard) but there are already signs of spring. We have had daffodils for some weeks but now buds are appearing on the fruit trees. I think the almond (pictured below) will be the first, but this will soon be followed by the blackthorn and the plums are not far behind. In addition we have also found some wild lillies (also pictured below).

almond and lillies
almond and lillies

Here’s to Spring!



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  1. Glad you like the photos. It’s central Portugal just north of Sao Pedro de Moel, not far from Leiria

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