Here comes the summer!

Here comes the summer!

Walking into the courtyard the heat hits you and there’s no relief to be found under our shelter – it’s reading 35C in the shade. The hens have disappeared deep into the brambles (you can just hear the occasional moaning cluck), the roasties are inside their hut with their beaks permanently resting in their drinking water (which has been put inside for the mo) and the dogs are not even bothering me for a run; they have collapsed on the tiled floor, legs akimbo and slightly snoring. Our bees like drinking from the pond’s edge (careful where you stand while looking for the frog!) and there are now bricks in the dogs’ outside bowl as mice and shrew keep drowning in it overnight. The wild birds are also grateful for the pond and start their morning with a splash.

And the pigs? Well, they love their mid-afternoon bathing session:

Meanwhile the raspberries are giving us a bumper harvest, a perfect afternoon for making ice cream!

4 thoughts on “Here comes the summer!

  1. Jackie, just wanted to say hi after all these years and that I have enjoyed reading about some of your life at Casa Azul. It all looks great if a little hot at the moment.

    I am still in touch with Sarah and I think she mentioned she is also in touch with you. Hope the temperature cools down soon.


  2. 35 in the shade. That’s too hot for me. Pity you can’t send a little of that heat over here (Ireland), we could send you some cool breezes and rain in exchange; this summer has been even colder and wetter than usual and I’m beginning crave sunshine. Those pigs look very happy.

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