Mel de flores silvestres

Mel de flores silvestres

Hot on the heels of our roast chicken success, well more for us than for them as all 8 have now been dispatched, we are now harvesting our first honey. As the bees are Richard’s project I’ll leave him with the details but suffice to say we are feeling rather chuffed (again!) having filled (so far) 12 x 500g jars of the darkest, richest and most delicious honey!

Right now I’m baking a honey cake which not only uses some of our most recent produce but also our eggs and olive oil *smug*

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  1. You should try, it’s pretty easy and the honey really is much more delicious than bought stuff. We use it quite a lot as well – we had honeyed spare ribs on the barbeque last night and Jackie’s honey cake was delicious. Also on pancakes, with porridge and for honey-glazed carrots!

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