Mellow yellow

Mellow yellow

I can’t believe that spring is almost here but there are signs everywhere. Many of our fruit trees have buds that are about to burst and already there are wild flowers in the fields. It all looks so green, and yellow…

Our daffodils are refusing to look down and acknowledge the flowering weeds.

The lichen looks like an underwater coral scene, including a Gregorian fan of sorts. Just missing the clown fish…

Our willow is a most wonderful gold colour. I’ve made my first basket (although I did have some déjà vu about primary school…), here with today’s eggs; they’re laying four a day now.  And we have bought some dogwood, red and yellow.

Finally, if yellow is the theme then we must also include the princess, here with her car face on.

3 thoughts on “Mellow yellow

  1. Hello Casa azul…so the daffodils are out, they look very Beautiful! I said the bulbs would do great in your garden! 80 eggs so far? In Spring it´s the time the chiken are more productive, as my mother use to say…so expect 4 per day untill Summer:) keep going!

  2. Yes, Jaime, thank you for the suggestion. And many of the crocuses are up too (although they got a little battered by the rain last night). I have spent the morning baking to try and use up all the eggs ha ha. Now it’s 92 so far…

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