Mr. Chippy

Mr. Chippy

Fences and gates done, I now moved onto a more demanding task – making a garden bench. I chose the simplest looking design off the web and so it proved not too demanding, although I must admit the measurements I followed made it rather chunky to say the least. It’s certainly not going to collapse but it may need an army of helpers to move it. It’s in the courtyard at the moment which suits us for now as it’s a real suntrap.

I don’t have a proper workbench so the back of the truck had to suffice.


…and here it is – ready to be sanded and painted.


I did need to get a couple of extra toys to complete the job – a sander and also as the wood was so so chunky, an extra long drill bit (seen below).

We’ve had daffodils in the garden for a couple of weeks now and they are being joined by crocuses. Can’t wait for a bit of rain then the rest of the spring flowers.

I had time to renovate the chicken run gates as well!

2 thoughts on “Mr. Chippy

  1. Nice daffodils, mine are still coming out of the earth and no flowers so far. And WOW for the bench it seams realy good!! 🙂

  2. Where are you now Jaime? We went walking yesterday and saw our first orchid of the year. We are desperate for rain though for the rest of the flowers.

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