Our daily veg

Our daily veg

Every day when we arrive there are new things to see, and eat! The courgettes will be on the bbq this weekend, and suddenly there are loads of peas – we have already eaten some straight from the pods and they are as sweet as they are bright green.

2 thoughts on “Our daily veg

  1. Hi,

    Notice you grow courgettes. I am trying, but the baby courgettes, go yellow rot and fall off. :(( Any ideas, please?

    Kind regards

  2. Hi Carole

    Courgettes are meant to be very easy to grow but rot and mildew can be a problem if the plants get too wet. Try and keep the fruits off the ground (laying straw underneath helps, and also keeps the soil moist) and not get too much water on the leaves when watering. Hope this helps!


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