Now the new year has begun, our thoughts turn to preparing for this year’s main harvest. Having said that we still have plenty of winter veg in the garden to eat now. We have only just finished the swedes and cauliflowers, there are quite a few leeks left and the brussel sprouts keep coming and coming. Anyway, with thoughts for the future, I recently constructed the polytunnel (ably assisted by the hairy one) which we shall mainly use for starting seedlings off until they are big enough for the main veg patch. We’ll also grow some tomatoes in there full time and some strawberries have already been installed for safe keeping. If the last few days are anything to go by we may also use it as a sauna when the warmer weather comes.

It was actually very easy to build (just as well as I’m not exactly a master craftsman and more commonly referred to ironically as ‘Handy Andy’ by my mum). Let’s hope it stays up through to the end of winter!

Actually, further to my initial remarks in the first paragraph, there is quite a bit more going on as you can see from the picture below. As well as the brussel sprouts , there are cabbages (left), the purple sprouting broccoli (centre) will soon (insha’allah) be ready and on the right, Jackie is tending the celery (which is doing fantastically well), carrots and spring onions.

3 thoughts on “Polytunnel

  1. Hi Jackie and Richard…
    it seems that you will have plenty of food and vegetables for the next months ahead, I´m sure that is one of the great joys of living like this is the nature…to grow your own food:) And about the bulbs, those are great news…it´s so good to know that you actually got them:) I´m also looking forward to see it, and to know which ones you have…they will bring even more color to your spring!

  2. I think the bulbs are a great idea because they will flower in the spring. By the summer it will be too hot and dry and we want to save the water to use on the veggie patch, not a flower garden.

  3. yeah that´s right, I haven´t tought about that…but certainly that is a major issue, because of the very dry Summer we have, so if you already had flowers in Sping, maybe you don´t miss it in Summer and have all the water for your food plants!

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