Proper rain and pigs

Proper rain and pigs

Two big events recently. We’ve finally got the pigs and it’s started raining (and still not stopped!). Pigs first. The bloke from the pig farm came round in his truck and said take your pick:

Between him, Luis our next door neighbour, and us, we decided on two little red heads. Or to be more technical, two Durocs. The pig farmer reckoned they would be the best as they are good for keeping outdoors and are delicious! Wikipedia wrongly stated that they are originally from USA – they are actually from Spain/Portugal and we hope that wikipedia also got it wrong when it said they tend to be one of the most aggressive of all the swine breeds!

bringing home the bacon

Here they are settled into their new home. Received wisdom says it is better to restrict their movement to their hut first and then let them out into the bigger field in a few days.


And the rain has finally come. After almost two weeks of continuous drizzle, it is starting to get a bit tiresome (that’s why we don’t live in the British Isles) however we are fortified by the knowledge that we really need it (and a lot more) for our plants now and into the summer.  And we can see the benefits already. The fruit is plumping up nicely. Last year we hardly had any peaches but this year promises to be a bumper crop judging by the progress of these little beauties. Maybe even the apples will be big enough to eat!

peaches and cherries

Here are some birds who love the rain and are still pumping out a regular four-a-day!

The dogs, however, have decided they prefer it indoors and now there isn’t even room for me on the sofa. Just as well Jackie is in Madrid for the weekend.

13 thoughts on “Proper rain and pigs

  1. LOL I don´t know why but your chicken always look so smart in the photos..they seem to be on control:) as for the pigs, I ´ve discovered this english saying :”dogs look up at you, cats look down at you… but pigs treat you as equals” 😀

  2. Relieved to hear you have proper rain at last! Pigs looks great, and the dogs appear to have taken over the settee on a more permanent level!! xx

  3. We’ll let you know how we get on, Pam. So far they spend most of the time snoozing under their straw!

  4. Tomorrow looks dry and then forecast for 4 days of rain in a row – so all day in the garden booked. We’re trying to remember that the rain is doing a great job but we’re missing the sun a tad now!

  5. Hello,
    I chanced on your story via the gardening advice on Hey-P.
    Was exciting to read about your venture.
    My village house not too far from you will soon be completely restored and I am looking forward to actually be able to live there.

    Nice to read about all you are doing…

  6. Hi Richard,
    well, right now I am still in Canada.!
    But my house is in Tarrastal [ Gois ]… I am looking forward to be the only permanent resident there. 😉
    I will likely not be able to be in Portugal again until after Christmas this year.
    But saying that, I know that my life is not that static and only change is permanent.
    So who knows…
    But maybe a little e-mail contact would be good. I could send off a couple of pics and such in the meantime.

    ps: also loved reading all the global wanderings… especially my favourite place: Pagan [ although that is 30 years ago ]

  7. Tarrastal – now that really is in the boondocks but I’m sure a lovely place. Pagan is also one of my all time favourites. Look forward to the pics!

  8. Thanks for the reply, Richard
    I am not that tech savvy…or just an imbecile at the moment, but I can see no e-mail to reach you… hence my e-mail in the last reply.
    Would you send me an e-mail to send the info and pic to.?


  9. Hi Richard,

    Our family is looking to relocate to rural Portugal, quite likely in the Castelo Branco region. Could you let me know what the rules are in Portugal regarding the keeping of pigs and sheep please, what records you need to keep and who needs to be informed etc. If it is anything like the UK, it does not matter whether you keep 1 of a species or a whole flock/herd the paperwork is the same 🙁

    You can email me if it’s easier.


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