Reasons to be cheerful

Reasons to be cheerful

One: at last at last we have the Internet at our temporary home and what joy! Up until now we’ve been using a dongle on the laptop – the connection was slow (sometimes non existent), we were having to share (no comment) and to do any work on our website or skyping meant driving up the road to get a better connection. Great news.

Two: the builders have been plodding on. We now have new roof beams over the kitchen and some of the tiles have been replaced so that won’t fall down in a few years’ time. We were also really pleased to see that a huge pile of metal junk that we had inherited from the previous owners had been taken away.

Three: we have our shed! We were going to get someone to make a ‘proper’ one from bricks but for various reasons that fell through and I was getting fed up staring at the concrete platform we’d  had put in months ago. So when a leaflet came through the letter box from Bricomarché with flat pack sheds we were there in a flash. It took us two full days to do it but we were really chuffed in the end!

The concrete pad... and some careful thinking

We seemed to have nails we didn’t need and not enough screws of a certain size but that didn’t deter us.

We only needed to dismantle it once when we got the boards mixed up...

I thought the whole thing was going to get blown over at this stage.

Neighbour Luis reckons it'll all rot in a few years...

And luckily we managed to get two licks of paint on as it’s pishing down today!

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