These pages will be filling up with recipes tried with our own Casa Azul produce!

1. Walnut Cake. Not long after we arrived (in September 2009) the walnuts came into season. Although we only had a couple of trees, we were blessed with more walnuts than we knew what to do with. Only problem was getting them out of the shells. Three evenings in by the telly shelling walnuts got us 100gms for our first (of many) cakes. The result however was delicious. (Recipe courtesy of bbc food website)

2. Elderflower cordial. The end of May and too late we realised that the elder trees had been in flower, and on the way out. We picked enough though to make some elderflower champagne (recipe only to follow if it works out!) and some wonderful cordial. The trees aren’t actually in our garden but in the countryside around us. (Recipe courtesy of the good food channel website).

3. Courgette Som Tam. June saw our four courgette plants take over a large part of the veg patch. Triffid-like, we seemed to have a new courgette to pick per plant every day. Some we missed and they turned into marrows (look for the stuffed marrow recipe coming soon!) but most we got when they were perfect. A lot of these were simply sliced, marinated and barbied but from others we made a delicious version of Som Tam – the famous salad of Thailand. We were also fortunate in that another key ingredient of this was french beans which were also coming into season at the same time.

4. Ginger beer. Alas, we don’t grow any ginger (yet!) but this recipe is great for those wanting a refreshing, non-alcoholic summer drink.

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