ginger beer

ginger beer

It’s not too tricky to make but we strongly suggest you use one of those thicker plastic bottles, the ones that hold fizzy water, and don’t leave it in the sun!

You need…

1.5 / 2 lit dry plastic bottle (and a funnel is useful)

180g caster sugar

2g baker’s yeast

80g approx coarsely grated fresh ginger – don’t bother to peel it

juice of a lemon

You need to…

Add the sugar and yeast to the bottle (a funnel helps). Shake.

Put the grated ginger in a pouring jug with the lemon juice. Add some water and stir.

Carefully tip the water and juice into the bottle encouraging as much grated ginger to go in at the same time. Keep adding water to the jug until all the ginger is in the bottle then fill the bottle with more water until about 3 cm from the top. Put the lid on tightly.


Give everything a good shake until the sugar has dissolved.

Place the bottle in a warm place for 24 hours, either support it or keep it on it’s side as it will tip over as it expands. The next day it should have blown up frighteningly tight. (If not leave it until it is).

Very carefully undo the bottle lid a smidgen so that the gas is released. Don’t do this too quickly or all the contents will pour out (speaking from experience here!). Let as much gas out until you can slightly indent the bottle then tighten the lid again. Place the bottle in the fridge and when it’s properly chilled filter and pour. Be careful to open the lid slowly at this point, there’s still a danger of losing everything.

Add a slice of lemon and enjoy – the taste of summer 🙂


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