Return of the builders

Return of the builders

…or rather the demolition team. After a frustrating three week ‘break’ the men arrived back on site sledgehammers at the ready. This time they were working on the lounge – bashing out big holes for the french windows. They must have a lot of trust in the strength of old Portuguese farmhouses as they didn’t bother with props (or any safety gear – at least helmets would have kept the rain off). After a couple of hours bashing, they took their customary break at 10am for a fag, a ham sandwich and a couple of beers. Then back into it.

As you can see from the pictures below (on the second day of bashing), the rain has come back with a vengeance (we’ve also had thunder and hailstorms), so round about the house is a bit of a quagmire. Inside is not much better as the roof tiles still haven’t been put on and water seems to be coming in everywhere.

“Nao problemo” say the boys, “Portuguese Farmhouse very strong”. I hope so.

Meanwhile they have cleared away the rubble from the front of the house so you can see the extension a bit clearer. Downstairs is where the study will go and upstairs the bathroom and utility room.

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