The chop

The chop

Regular readers will know that we bought our ‘roasties’ five weeks ago when they were four weeks old. The bloke at the market reckoned they would be ready to slaughter right about now, so yesterday we caught the biggest two and took them to our ever helpful neighbours Luis and Laurinda. Luis is in charge of the fruit and veggies but it is Laurinda who deals with the animal husbandry. I will spare you the details but I have to admit me and Jackie were both just a little bit queezy by the end but also proud to return from across the lane with two dispatched, plucked and gutted chickens. The biggest was 2.7kgs fully dressed (or rather undressed?!) so not a bad size I’m sure you will agree.

Richard plus bird
Richard with Dona Laurinda and Luis
Laurinda with the chicken in the 'mata frango' ready for the chop
Jackie plucking

So that I don’t forget what I’ve learned (yes, Jackie has retreated somewhat and chickens are now solely my responsibility!), I killed and gutted another one today myself and didn’t do too bad a job I think.

Here is the rather picturesque setting under a willow tree where the dirty deed was done.

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