The green, green grass of home

The green, green grass of home

Thursday morning, 11 April, it thundered down with rain; great sheets of it squashing the irises. Come the afternoon sunny intervals and since then not a drop. It’s got sunnier and warmer each day, as I glance up now there’s not a cloud in the sky and it still feels strange after such a wet, wet spring. But of course every cloud has a silver lining and we now seem to be living in the Emerald City, the grass is sooo gorgeously green!


And it’s also meant that all systems are go in the garden and veg patch. There are now a million and one tasks that need to be done (including strimming and weeding of course) and prioritising them can be difficult. Loads of seedlings have been potted on, and I’m especially pleased that the leeks have done their trick. Having saved a few flower heads from plants last year, and kept them in the potting shed, there were plenty of tiny black seeds to sow. These have all germinated and there are now 50 leeklings (?) which is wonderful, no need to buy leek seeds from now on (I hope).


We  have also been able to enjoy one of our favourite past times, ie the lunchtime barbie! Purple sprouting broccoli is up but I’m most excited about the abundant crop of asparagus.


Loads more to tell but back to the jobs and the evening sunshine now…

4 thoughts on “The green, green grass of home

  1. Beautiful top picture Jackie, a love the April green…but soon it will turn into yellow in the Summer heat:)
    is it you own aspargus crop?

  2. Thank you Jaime! It really is so lovely now and we are definitely appreciating it, especially after yellow it goes brown!! The asparagus is our own crop, yes. This is the first year we can pick for the full 6 weeks, we have 12 plants and some are doing better than others but most days there’s plenty to pick.

  3. Jackie, congratulations! I don´t know anyone that grows their own asparagus…it´s not that comun here in Portugal, but now I want to try!! I must do a small research about it, and how to grow them 😉

  4. Jaime: I tried for ages to buy some asparagus here in Portugal but failed. In the end my dad sent me 12 plants from the UK – in the post! I had made one bed for 6 but when I got another 6 I just put them in the ground (spreading out their spidery roots and covering with compost) and they are doing just as well. Have a go!

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