The heat is on (still)

The heat is on (still)

We’re now into July and the heat is still relentless. In the aftermath of the fires, the controversy regarding the growing of eucalyptus has intensified. In fact a number of villages have decided to not wait for government (in)action and are taking matters into their own hands and have decided to chop all the eucalypts down within a certain radius of the village.  Lets hope it makes a difference. After the fires we actually had some rain. Well not much more than a shower but it was enough to coat the truck in ash. Although we’ve had it for a few years I had to give it a wash for the first time!

In garden news, I forgot to mention previously that for the first time we had a decent harvest of loquats. We did what we do with all the fruits – made jam and crumble.

We’ve also had the yellow and red plums and are currently waiting for the huge amounts of greengages to ripen. Despite the heat and little rain, the apples have done really well as have the pears which should be next up. Jackie will be reporting on the veg patch later this month (hopefully it hasn’t completely frazzled by then), but I wanted to say that the corn on the cobs were as delicious as ever. They are probably my favourite product of the veg patch.


In June we also had Jackie’s dad over so we’ve been doing that most Portuguese of traditions – throwing sardines on the barbie!

another barbie

4 thoughts on “The heat is on (still)

  1. Hi, I read all of your posts. Firs of all I love the name Casa Azul. Then I imagine myself living there… and thirdly I admire you courage and perseverance.

    Iam very happy the population is taking the situation in their own hands… about time people are cleaning up around villages and residences…

    enjoy your magic place.

  2. Hi there! In the past i have already commented on the blog just to let you know that i follow your posts and that i would like to do something similar when i grow older (36yo currently). But i kind of changed my mind in the sense that we have to fulfill our dreams now as we are not sure that we are staying alive in the future. So, i decided to buy an apartment in Lisbon on a ground floor with a small area outside with around 30m2. I have already produced strawberries, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, big tomatoes, courgette, passion fruit and asparagus. I have also planted some blueberries and avocado but still waiting for them to grow up enough. Although of course it’s a really small production, i got to feel the sensation of eating my own products and it feels amazing. I am very inspired by your blog and hope you the best with this wild fires that are around your house. Best regards! Beijinhos do André

  3. Wow, that is amazing! We are very impressed, and delighted that you have been inspired to have a go. We are very safe from the fires, thanks, although it’s rather sad to see the hills in the distance turned brown. Good luck with your future gardening!

    Jackie and Richard

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