Portugal is justifiably famous for its ‘azulejos’. Originating in Arabic times these are (usually) blue and white polished and decorative tiles which cover everything from churches to train stations and on and in many large and small houses. To give our courtyard a bit of local colour, we had long planned to add some of our own. We had bought a few second hand ones at bric a brac markets but then we found a warehouse with hundreds of old ones and the lady there was giving them away for free. Never looking a gift horse we carted a load away and my next job was to incorporate them. And here they are.

Hairy one senior has obviously already schooled hairy one junior into the art of getting into the photo shot.

before... and after

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  1. It’s basically the builders’ yard outside a local hardware shop near Avelar. Believe me, it’s not a treasure trove they are just old tiles! We’ve got some info on some more around here so we need to do some more investigating

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