The garden in May 2013:

The garden in July 2012:

Another video from our learning English website highlighting the changes in two years.

The garden in 2011:

Transformation. All the changes to the house in the first two years:

Even closer! All the major lifting has been done just a few light fittings and pictures to put up and we’ll be all done. Here’s a vid taken 16th August 2010.

Almost there! This vid was taken 1 July 2010.

The building of the shed was in some ways similar to the house. It took a long time before we started work but once we started it went up pretty quickly (in two days mind you as opposed to coming up to 6 months for the house.)

Quite a few changes from the last video as the kitchen and especially the bathroom approach completion. This vid was taken on June 12th. Although hardly in glorious sunshine.

This version was taken on 20 May 2010. Work has just started on the internal rooms.

Another video for our learners of English website. This one is about the pair of black redstarts who took a fancy to the old letterbox! May 2010

3 months after work began in earnest, April 2010.

The Blue House – a video originally for our Elementary English learners on This is the state of the house before there had been any work done – pre Jan 11 2010. The actual video was taken in November 2009 when the weather was still very clement.

The olive harvest, October 2009

The day we decided to buy the house, May 2009.

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