Wet and wintry

Wet and wintry

I was just looking back at our blog entries for this time last year. What a difference! This time last year we were having lunch outside and actually bemoaning (slightly) the lack of rain but certainly not the wonderful blue skies. This year we’ve had plenty of rain and not even contemplated eating outside although we have had the odd cuppa and slice of cake in the courtyard – I used up the last of this year’s and indeed last year’s(!) walnuts in a walnut cake this week.

As I mentioned in the last blog post, our oranges are looking good and here is the proof:


Our plane tree, which we planted in January, has also done rather well. Autumn of course comes later in Portugal than the UK and so it has only just lost its leaves as these pictures show, the leafy photo only taken three weeks ago.

Meanwhile, our Christmas booze is coming along nicely as Jackie has just decanted off the fruit from the sloe gin, and cherry and damson vodkas. I have to say they taste delicious! The elderflower wine is also nearing maturation.

The big hairy one continues to improve and here she is rehabilitating on the sofa…

…and Betty is still on the lookout for trouble…

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  1. Not too much sun here in the West Midlands….no orange trees bearing fruit in the garden. But the kitchen is coming on, getting all ready for the house sale next year and then The Move….
    Those dogs look very relaxed. Our cats do to, on their cushions next to the radiators.

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