A roof over our heads (part 2)

A roof over our heads (part 2)

Finally, we’ve got the tiles on the roof! Now they are up I don’t expect any more rain for the rest of the year. I can’t understand why the builders didn’t put up them up earlier as they only took a day to do it in the end. Ah well, done now – so hopefully the inside can now dry out.

The extension is also taking shape. After finishing the walls to the study downstairs, the bricky is now working on the bathroom upstairs so that should be ready for the plumber soon.

Meanwhile the garden is blooming wonderful. The fruit trees have sprung into life with buds appearing everywhere. In fact, our first plum blossom is out (proof below) and the others are not far behind.

We’ve also built a small fence. It separates the veggie patch from the rest of the garden. Jackie reckons it will keep out the rabbits and javeli (wild boars) and keep in the sheep (we plan on getting some of these at some stage in the future). I’m not so sure but as we’ve planted vines and a redcurrant bush against it at least it should provide some fruit.

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