Spring has sprung

Spring has sprung

As predicted, with the roof completed, the weather remains fine and no rain forecast. In fact it has been glorious weather to do a bit of gardening. Jackie is now worried that it may be too hot for the spuds which are coming on great guns under the cloche. And most of the fruit trees have now burst into life with blossom all over the garden. Soon we may even be able to tell which fruit trees we actually have.

Despite threats from the builders that work would stop on the house for another break, my pleading seems to have done the trick and we still have two workers continuing on site. They have started on the rendering/plastering the walls inside and out.

living room and kitchen

We’ve also got the electrician/plumber starting soon. The forward slash is because it’s actually the same person. It seems strange to me but apparently it is the norm in Portugal. Anyway, he has been round the house with us and now knows where all the plug points, sockets, sinks etc will be. Hopefully he will be starting work very soon…

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  1. Hello Luvvie

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY – not sure where to email you these days. Reading the updates with interest and you sure are brave. The house looks amazing and is making real progress. Not sure spring has sprung in Wimbledon but the crocuses are out and it is lighter every day.

    Things are going ok – as you know I changed jobs in August – so it’s been a time of uphill adjustment and learning lots of new things. Mmmm – seems to get harder but maybe that’s just old age. It’s good for me I know but like going to the gym and eating greens, not really a barrel of laughs just yet!

    Anyway let me know the best email address for you. Love to Jackie.

    Love Colette

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