A year ago today

A year ago today

As our intro says we found Casa Azul one wet Monday morning in May 2009. That was May 11. But despite the pouring rain there was something about the place we both liked instantly. Returning later on in the afternoon, and in the sun, we decided to go for it. A year later and identical weather. I arrived this morning with a brolly and returned in the afternoon with a camera. So some pics from that first day to this one.

The main bedroom is to have French windows
A brand new bathroom with loads of light
The kitchen entrance onto the patio
The living room was once a windowless barn for the animals, and then a wine-making cellar
The main entrance below the bathroom
After the building work started and now

And as building work started January 11 that’s exactly four months too – we really hope to be in before July 11. The builder seems to think that’s possible, fingers crossed.

3 thoughts on “A year ago today

  1. It’s looking great! Interesting about the weather, especially as I’ve been moaning that it’s not usually like this in May!

  2. @sophie
    You’re wearing your rose-tinted specs! Saw the borage flowers on your blog and since then have been adding those to our salads, not the tastiest of things but certainly the prettiest. And great with the orange nasturtiums, must remember to take a pic…

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