Amazing asparagus

Amazing asparagus

From super spuds to amazing asparagus! The asparagus crowns were put in the ground a week ago. Yesterday was the first lovely day after lots of rain so it was time to check up on how things were going.  Amazingly, there were loads of asparagus spears, some 15cm tall! I somehow thought they’d stay dormant until next year but they’re up and thrusting (as it were) already. Now we just have to wait until 2012…

Meanwhile there are fewer Jersey Royals to be eaten. Not because my sister sent loads to me but because the island has had the worst drought in 34 years, so all the more reason to savour ours.

One thought on “Amazing asparagus

  1. That asparagus looks good enough to eat now!
    Maybe we should export a few Jersey royals to Jersey.
    PS Now on my way back from Isle of Man – currently in the airport awaiting my flight and it’s hailing! Mind you this is the first rain since Easter.

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