Ah, primavera!

Ah, primavera!

That lovely spring feeling is continuing. It’s strange then to see at first glance what looks like snow, in the trees and the fields. Closer inspection reveals wild plum bushes bursting with white blossom and meadows of daisies.

So the warmer weather has seen us donning those lovely blue dungarees and doing some landscape gardening. The back of the house has a huge mound of enormous rocks and stones from the holes made in the walls so we’ve been using those to make a rockery and discovering a hidden talent for dry stone walling. Not bad, eh?

Meanwhile there are those of you who will be pleased that the first seedlings are sprouting, here broad beans and sweet peas. The leeks are up too and many others beginning to poke through. Our cold frames have been made from the old window frames balanced on breeze blocks.

Plus the super spuds are going from strength to strength, with a second batch not far behind. Helpful Luis handed over a box of some too so, if they all work, they’ll be about 40 plants – a whole bed full of tatties! The tunnel cloche over them was removed today as I decided that it was now warm enough. Not without some trepidation though – the bunnies have been seen with napkins around their necks and a glint in their eyes. The gate has been covered in chicken wire and the other entrance to the veg garden near the house has been blocked off with corrugated iron (not the prettiest of sights but will have to do for now), so fingers crossed! (And we are perfecting a wonderful Nigel Slater rabbit dish just in case…)

The second cloche remains up for the mo protecting onions and carrots although it seems to get very hot inside. I opened one end up the other day and my glasses immediately steamed up… the plastic covering is lifted when we’re around but until I’m convinced that Brer Rabbit and his friends won’t be round for a sneaky supper it’s staying put. We’re really looking forward to having a barbecue in the garden in the not too distant future – coelho kebabs, perhaps?

3 thoughts on “Ah, primavera!

  1. Oh, the photos are so lovely! Sun and green plants — I can’t wait! Here in Nebraska, USA, the weather has been gray and dreary and damp for weeks! I’m beginning to think this is the UK! lol

  2. Message to Jackie (Jack) – great to find you via google – often wondered what happened to you. Not sure I am using this blog properly I have never read one before; it would be great to hear from you. I live in London and have just been allocated a small allotment after a 12 year wait so am feeling a bit envious of Casa Azul. Iove Sorrel

  3. @Kris – thanks for your comments. I think everyone is waiting for better weather, and it’s now pouring down with rain today…

    @Sorrel – how wonderful to hear from you! I’ll send you an email.

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