Happy anniversary

Happy anniversary

We’ve been so busy this week we haven’t had time to put up an anniversary blog entry. We flew into Portugal on September 11, 2009 (an easy date to remember) to begin our new life and here we are a year later in our wonderful home. The reason for the lack of postings? Well, we’ve been enjoying ourselves! We’ve had my sister, Sue and brother-in-law, Kevin over to stay. While they were here we swam in the sea at Figueira da Foz and in the river at Zezere and went for walks in the countryside including one with a new bunch of Portugal friends near the beautiful village of Dornes. We also returned to the ancient town and castle at Tomar. I usually keep these non Casa Azul activities to my regular Portugal blog but I thought I’d slip these photos in here anyway.

Kevin, Sue and Richard on the beach at Figueira da foz
Jackie and Sue in the Rio Zezere
"Portugal friends" above the village of Dornes

All this of course doesn’t stop activity in the garden and kitchen and Jackie has been as busy as ever tart making. Although our tiny fig tree is not yet ready to start producing there are loads of fig trees near our house to plunder and right now they are all in fruit. Here is a delicious fig tart Jackie made recently. She has also been making Courgette cakes which are the business. When she is next out of the kitchen, I’ll make sure she puts finger to keyboard and gets the recipe on our recipe page.

fig tart

Other news: Well the hot chillies are finally going red as are the sweet peppers. We will have a final flush of tomatoes before they finish and sadly we have had our last fresh cucumber (pickled ones will be ready soon). But as we have now been here for a year we can look forward to the crops we first harvested last year – the walnuts will soon be ready and then we are into the olive harvest. Can’t wait!

4 thoughts on “Happy anniversary

  1. Hello Richard and Jackie!

    My wife Fiona found your blog whilst doing some research for her blog on our buying a house in Central Portugal and needless to say, we both loved yours!!

    We are currently going through the (painful) process of buying a derelict place with a half acre just outside Avelar – only a few miles from you. We plan to rennovate it to a living standard asap for garden clearing holidays and then live there permanently in 5 years time, when we will grow our own crops and keep chickens. This is beginning to sound familiar!!

    Anyway, we loved your blogs and will be following, if for no other reason, to ensure that we reduce our risk of mistakes.


    Steve and Fi, Brighton, UK

  2. Kristina – not today – the clouds have come out but we need rain more than anything!
    Steve – Hopefully our blog with provide a bit of guidance but if you need any further help just ask. I’m sure you will be popping over to check on progress so it would be great to meet up. Patience is what’s required but also to keep prodding as things can move very slowly if you’re not here.

  3. Hi Richard

    Thank you for your kind offer of help – one which we will gratefully accept! Estate agents and lawyers are driving us crackers but I’m hoping that sometime in the next two weeks the house will actually be ours. At the moment we are busy buying books on just about anything and everything to do with a partial self sufficiency lifestyle.

    We came back after a few days at the end of August when we did some (more) local administration LOL. The next time we come will be when we pop over to see how the builder is supposedly getting on, so would be great to meet up then. Our email is the rather strange: wowthathurt@tiscali.co.uk


    Steve and Fi

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