May 2009 – 2019

May 2009 – 2019

When we saw the house for sale in May, 10 years ago, we took a video of the garden:

And then Richard made the same video last month. Although the videos are to demonstrate the differences, there are two things in common: the wiggly camera (oh the first one is such poor quality) and the nightingales! We had no idea we had nightingales when we shot the first one. You can hear the frogs in the second one now that the pond is established.

Some differences to highlight. The only original part left of the house is the walls! We’ve had a new roof, new doors and windows, new plumbing and new electricity. The animal shed was knocked down of course, as was the olive tree and walnut tree:

The end of the garden overlooking Monte de Vez (the olive trees all look much healthier):

The cherry tree now has a pond below it (all well hidden by the every growing vegetation):

The threshing square with the old pear tree; lavender and roses have all been planted in front of it and are in full bloom right now. And it’s no longer possible to see Luis’ old house opposite:

Don’t worry, they’ll be plenty more then-and-now posts to come 😉

4 thoughts on “May 2009 – 2019

  1. Wow you guys have done so much! You should be truly proud of yourselves. And it all looks so much more “loved”. Many congratulations on your anniversary at the Casa Azul!

  2. Thank you, Kate. And we are enjoying the Buzz in the Meadow very much – it’s making us appreciate, again, the range of insects we have here, if not necessarily the numbers.

  3. catching up With Casa Azul…it’s amazing the difference, those early images from Casa Azul… you can see all he work put into it, you guys have done an anazing job in 10 years! Congratulations.

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