Globalwanderings is the personal photoblog of Richard Cain showcasing some of the amazing places I have experienced while living and working throughout Asia and more recently, Europe. In 2009, me and my wife Jackie left Asia to renovate a farmhouse and live a new life in deepest Portugal. We are now renovating our second house and that story is told on a blog called The House on a Hill. We also run the podcasting site for learners and teachers of English as a foreign language.

Latest posts:

A Coruña

30 Sep 2023

I can’t believe we’ve been living up north (Ponte de Lima) for over a year already. As we are still in rented accommodation and waiting for our new house to be built, our traditional September getaway is restricted to just a couple of nights away. Of course, the whole point of living up north is the ease of travel to Galicia so it is no surprise that we chose to spend a couple of days in the Rias Altas, near…

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5 Mar 2023

So I got the overnight train from Hubli to Goa. My ticket was to the end of the line – Vasco da Gama station arriving at 6am. However, I utilised a top tech tip that had been a real boon on this trip. Maybe not so new to more tech savvy readers, but this India trip was the first one I had made really good use of google maps on my phone. I could have been completely lost but when…

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27 Feb 2023

Unlike most people’s conceptions of India, there are plenty of areas with a thinly spread population. Northern Karnataka is one such place. Subsequently public transport is rather sporadic, something I had already experienced. So for my next leg I decided to splurge 3500Rs (£35) on renting a car (with driver) for the 150km/4hr trip to Hampi. The first part of the trip was along narrow potholed roads across agricultural land – mainly sugarcane but also jowari which I found out…

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24 Feb 2023

My previous post starts with the problem of getting a bus from Bidar to Bijapur and the fickleness of non existent timetables. this post will be no different. the previous day I’d been told there was a bus from Bijapur to Badami at 6.45am. Arriving at the station at the appointed time I was then told there was no direct bus but I had to get the 6.45 bus to Kerur and change there. That would arrive at platform 4….

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20 Feb 2023

Sun 19th Feb 2023. I was up and about early and off to the bus station. I’ve often found in the remoter parts of India, bus timetables are a fickle thing. The guidebook may say one thing, people at the bus station say another and then the actual buses confound them both. Today I was told there was a bus to Bijapur at 9.30 but someone else said it was better to get the bus to Gulbarga and change there….

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Random posts:

North East Loop to Lang Son

7 May 2002

28th April 2002. I’d been to the North West of Vietnam and the Central Highlands. This time I was venturing North East to the Chinese border. Little visited by foreigners, I wanted to spot some new Ethnic Minorities and also experience the wonderful karst scenery. I first headed north on the main road to Thai Nguyen. It was the worst case scenario – the road was pretty bad but it was also busy with lots of smoke belching buses. Just…

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Dali & Lijiang

20 Dec 1991

This is a trip me and Ingrid did in December 1991. Unfortunately, I lost my diary for this trip so I’ve only got (badly scanned) photos. As we were coming from Hong Kong, we flew into Kunming and looks like we stayed in the Green Lake Hotel which is now 5 stars – it was a bit different then. We somehow got to Dali. I presume a very long bus journey.   Then we moved onto Lijiang, again, presumably on…

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23 Jan 2008

Think of Jordan and you generally think of desert. And you’d be right 90% of the time. However, in January 2008 we had a couple of days of quite heavy snow. Locals said they hadn’t seen it like this for over 20 years and everything came to a complete standstill. If you are from colder climes you may think the following pictures are nothing special, except perhaps for photos of palm trees covered in snow, but for Jordanians it was…

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