Seadragon divetrip

Seadragon divetrip

The Similan and Surin Islands are supposed to be one of the top dive spots in South East Asia if not the world, and we weren’t disappointed. We had decided to visit them on a 5 day liveaboard with Seadragons, a dive company operating out of Khao Lac. Jackie had dived with them before. They are highly recommended as they are very professional, reasonably priced and as they operate out of Khao Lac rather than Phuket and so closer to the islands. They also run reasonably sized boats. On the trip we saw a boat out of Phuket which seemed to be cruise liner size with far too many divers aboard. As they also offer great discounts to returning divers we weren’t surprised to learn that many of our companions for the week had been with Seadragon many times before. OK advert over, suffice it to say we were happy!

Richard, Retu, Emilie, Jackie, Einat
Full crew
Back to base
Poseidon bungalows

After, and before, our trip trip to the Similan and Surin Islands we stayed at the Poseidon Bungalows. Although a bit out of town and therefore difficult to get into and out of Khao Lac, they are very peaceful (too peaceful?). The cottages themselves are very comfortable and there is a pleasant restaurant on stilts looking out over a small river and beyond to a beach – a no-go area unfortunately as it backs onto the Navy’s golf course. Round the corner is a very quiet beach.

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